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HEY PAESANOs, it's the-- What- HELLO it's your favorite Deeriqueen. I'm 18, weird, and usually isolated-- but don't let that fool you; beneath the shell, I'm as friendly as they come! ...I'm not what I seem. ;}

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New to Newgrounds!

Posted by KaseyPasta - June 14th, 2018

Real quick: If you're here to stalk my account for hypocrisy, there's some in the comments. Also, f**k off. You're just making whatever drama worse. Suck my tail.

If not, then LOVELY, you're apparently a lost wanderer. Well then:

AYE fellas, it's just me, your local Deeriqueen. I'm really glad to be here, thanks to a few buds from Discord for finally getting this site into my head. I've heard of it, just never pursued until now. Any follows/reviews help me to grow as an artist, and every sale I can make here is keeping me here longer.

P.S., I'm nowhere near to being as happy as I sound, so I'm reserving that cringey-butted "Lol XD !!! omg" stuff to make all of you feel special and excited. I'd like to let you know, so those users who scroll down to see old shit here can know that everything is an act performed with good intentions in mind. I can't be an edgy hoe all the time, man. Lmao.


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Hey Kasey (if i can call you that) welcome to NG ^^
i have been on here for a little while and i think it is a nice community for the most part. i love posting my art here and i have can see how much i progressed as well. i hope you enjoy sharing your content as well. mabey you even make some friends along the way. i have made some friends who are the most friendliest through here so i hope it happends to you to. anyway again welcome to NG and i hope to see you arounf more ^^

Ayye, thank you so much. Glad to be here. ^^

I'm extremely lonely and sad, and sharing my opinions gets SJWs all over my ass. Damn, they're everywhere.
Well. Here are my controversial opinions. Eat me out for them and you'll be blocked immediately. I'm allowed to have my opinions. Here are some HARD PILLS TO SWALLOW. Some people have opinions that are different than your own, and that's okay. If you consider yourself a part of this accursed "age of tolerance", tolerate me. I'm not hurting anyone, just stating my beliefs.

**You can turn away now and not swallow them, that's an option.**

-I think SJWs need to get a life, though I can be one sometimes.
-I think gay/lesbian relationships are unnatural. I'm okay with them existing but I'm not required to suck up to them because they demand acknowledgement.
-I feel that gay marriage is an accessory, since our primary purpose is to reproduce.
-I think pedophilia is blurred. As long as a human can reproduce, they should legally be able to marry. If they don't want the marriage, then don't force them into it unless you can convince them they want it.
-Trans people CAN be trans if they do it right.
-Swapping pronouns is a hassle and you have no right to be constantly angry at the world if you didn't hide your CIS gender well enough. Stop taking it out on everyone.
-There aren't too many people. There are too many GROUPS of people.
-We live for emotional security and to maintain our corporeal forms. Nothing more.
-It's worth believing in a god as opposed to believing in nothing at all (Pascal's Wager).
-Don't kill yourself.
-If you plan on killing yourself, don't kill yourself.
-If you tell everyone you know once every few weeks and constantly cut and whine about every little bullshitty problem we ALL deal with, please, make your own choice and stop pawning it onto me. I'm done.
-Art should ALWAYS be credited.
-Abortion is wrong as fuck, don't preach that you're pro-choice if you're not giving the fetus a choice. It needs time to decide.
-Rant sometimes. It's okay. But you will bore and lose your friends if you do it too often.
-Don't threaten suicide.
-It's okay if you trigger someone. Learn how to talk things out, and no offense will be too great.
-Family is an artificial construct. The reason I'm okay with things that have to do with brainwash is, I'm desensitized to them. This is because we all, we ALL are constantly being brainwashed, and "groomed", and pushed this way or that. We don't have ORIGINAL thoughts. Which leads to my next points:
-You can be happy in any situation.
-You can CHOOSE to be happy if you really want to.
-Depression is just confusion on how to better yourself. It's a doldrum. It's not genetic and it doesn't make you a special snowflake.
-Mental illness is fake. The person is still there, but the body doesn't work correctly so we cannot see. The fallout is real, however.
-Too many things are becoming mental illnesses. They're not impairing, so ignore them. Otherwise, we use them as excuses for failure.
-Gender dysphoria is real, just like ADHD is real. We get over them. That's how we live.
-Using your race to get ahead or make someone feel guilty makes you a disgusting manipulator. Stop being sorry for yourself and GENTLY assert yourself if someone doesn't like you.
-It's natural for people to discriminate.
-Males and females should have separate bathrooms and stick to those separate bathrooms, this being decided by genitalia. If you have a penis, use the urinal room. If you don't, use the other room. I respect someone making a real effort to change their gender. Not just wearing different clothes.
-Medical aid should be provided for trans people so the above opinion can rightfully apply.
-Communism isn't bad.
-Hitler did bad things, but he wasn't a bad guy. He made unspeakable decisions for political reasons, but he did not slit the throats of every individual he had killed.
-I don't actually believe the news and shit about the Holocaust. We see a lot of propaganda but i feel like they may be hiding something. Seeing how manipulative Semites can be, there IS a chance it was faked. Not to mention, they own the movie industry now. They're great at a lot of things, it's possible. Very possible. There are no remains the witnesses spoke of, but tons of witnesses. It's like the biggest boycott in history.

Wow, I'm really sad, and tired. I'm taking down the links to my other websites for now. Guess Newgrounds is going to be my moody site.